EZ-UP Lights create fun, safe & inviting outdoor living spaces
EZ-UP Lights create fun, safe & inviting outdoor living spaces

Clamp-On EZ-UP Light

The Clamp-on EZ-UP Light is:

1. Compact & Modular

2. Durable & Versatile

3. Quick setup & take down

4. Easily clamps to tables and railings

5. Designed with many lighting options

6. Easy to store



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The EZ-UP Light features a 30W LED Light with dimming and brightening options with 16 color choices with a remote control.  Light can pivot straight up to straight down and swivels 360 degrees.



The EZ-UP Light when taken apart, requires very little storage space and it's easy to move around and anyone can set it up.




The clamp-on mounting bracket easily clamps to any secure surface upto 2 1/2 inches thick.  Once atttached, it's ready to receive the extension pole(s). 

The EZ-UP Light comes with two extension poles that slide together and are secured with a thumb snap.  You pick your desired height by using one or both. Which ever height you select, you'll be rewarded with an amazing EZ-UP Lighting experience.



Need a quick source of light without clamping on the hardware?  You have the option of using the light with just the mounting bracket.


This is great for night-time arrivals at a campground for connecting your utilities or for creating mood lighting in your backyard for dinner under the stars. 



The IR remote control provides on/off capability as well as a selection of 16 color choices, dimming & brightening of individual colors and four automatic lighting modes. 

Here's the EZ-UP Light clamped onto a cement picnic table. As you can see it casts a 120 degree/wide angle of light over this campsite. The back side of the campsite from the picnic table is about 30 feet. Remember, you can dim down and brighten up for just the right amount of light you need.

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These lights will dramatically improve your outdoor living experience, no matter if you're camping or enjoying your own backyard.

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