EZ-UP Lights create fun, safe & inviting outdoor living spaces
EZ-UP Lights create fun, safe & inviting outdoor living spaces

About Me...

Hello, I'm Thad Weed the inventor and designer of the innovative EZ-UP Light and I am so excited to introduce my first invention to you. While this product has so many uses, it was developed to fill a huge need for the camping and home & garden markets. 

When I realized my clients didn't have adequate lighting on their campsites at night during their camping adventures, I knew I needed to design something special to fill this need. Within no time I had my product ready for field testing and clients were telling me the light dramatically improved their camping expereince and it provided very functional lighting around their outdoor living space.


While I was looking to design a functional light, I also wanted to ensure it provided both bright and dimmable lighting and general, ambient and task lighting my clients needed when camping and/or enjoying their backyard.


I like to say, "The EZ-UP Light creates a safe, fun, festive and inviting spaces."


After being told by so many customers they really appreciated the additional lighting, I knew I had something special.  I was really blown away when campers, who were camping near by, would come over to were I was setting up an RV for an incoming client. First, they would ask me, what is that? Second, I would give them a quick demo. And third, they would ask me where they could buy one.  And the idea of the EZ-UP Light was born!

While the first light was good, I wanted to make it even better.  After improving the clamp-on hardware to make it easier to setup, use, take down and store, I also improved the LED light with 16 color options and now provide a handy dandy IR remote control, which allows you to control all features of the light from just about anywhere on a campsite. Since EZ-UP Light is the most unique supplemental camping light for the RV industry, it has so many more uses. Ask yourself, what can this light can do for me?


There is simply nothing else on the market like the EZ-UP Light.

My newly invented lights are currently being assembled in Indiana by a long-time friend and family owned USA manufacturer and the LED llights are manufacturered in China.

Here are some features of the EZ-UP Light:

1. 42' Corded power
2. Waterproof rating of IP65
3. 30watt LED
4. 16 RGB colors
5. Includes a remote control
6. 3 piece modular hardware
7. Proven & durable hardware designed for outdoor use
8. Clamp-on version will be available first


Please ask question, provide feedback and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thank you for visiting my website.


Thad Weed

Owner / Inventor

Contact Us:

EZ-UP Lights, LLC

P.O. Box 446
Loganville, GA 30052


Phone: 770-354-0926





The New EZ-UP Lights Are In-Stock & Ready To Ship. Contact Us To Get Yours Today.

These lights will dramatically improve your outdoor living experience, no matter if you're camping or enjoying your own backyard.

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