EZ-UP Lights create fun, safe & inviting outdoor living spaces
EZ-UP Lights create fun, safe & inviting outdoor living spaces

Welcome to EZ-Up Lights!!!

I’m Thad and I’m so happy you stopped by our little corner of the web to checkout the brand new EZ-UP Lights.


Outdoor spaces like campsites and backyards are dark.  My invention was born from my RV rental clients need for general, task and ambiance lighting around their vehicle, campsite, picnic table, firepit and outdoor living area while camping with us.


The EZ-UP Light is a brand new LED supplemental light that will provide fun, safe and inviting lighting in your specific dark spot.


Because it's compact, modular and versatile, anyone can set it up in less than two minutes. 


Clamp-on the mounting bracket, attach extension pole and finally attach the light to the top of the pole. The EZ-UP Light can be clamped on any table or railing, screwed onto a surface on the house, barn, work shed and/or boat dock or stood up like a work light on any surface using the “U” bracket as a stand.


With its three prong grounded outlet, simply plug it directly into an AC outlet or extension cord.


Once power is connected, the EZ-UP Light is easy controlled with a remote control.  You can turn it on and off, select from 16 color choices, dim light up or down and select from a couple of automatic lighting modes.


Once you start using the EZ-UP Light, you’ll immediately be rewarded with a much more enjoyable outdoor living experience.  


Thank you again for visiting.

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These lights will dramatically improve your outdoor living experience, no matter if you're camping or enjoying your own backyard.

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